Myths of Hotel’s Inhouse Wedding Planner

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Myths of Hotel’s Inhouse Wedding Planner

Taking the assistance of a wedding planner has become a norm while organizing a wedding. Due to the popularity of this system, the hotels have started appointing their own wedding planners. Because of this, people are getting confused as to whose services to use. Whether they should opt for professional wedding planners or for the hotel’s inhouse wedding planner? Actually, there is no comparison between the two because professional wedding planners do a lot more than an inhouse wedding planner can do. But, you will be able to find a conclusion after reading the facts regarding the myths below:

One Wedding AT A Time

Mostly, in-house wedding planners will be working on many weddings at a time. They will be handling all the weddings that will be organised in that hotel for any period of time. But if you hire a professional wedding planning service, they will be assigning their personnel to you who will remain with you throughout the planning. Therefore, you will get enough attention and time which you deserve when you pay for the service.

Personalised Approach

It should be noted that the inhouse wedding planner will work under restrictions and limitations of time and facilities provided by the hotel. People often have to keep following up with the planners in this case. The personal touch is maintained when you opt for professional wedding planner. They are always keen for providing best services and stay in touch through phones, emails, Whatsapp or other mediums. They will take up most of the share of your pain of planning the wedding.


The focus of the hotel is to sell their services. The wedding planner of the hotel will surely be indirectly forcing you to use those services, keeping you away from hundreds of other possibilities and options. An individual or a small team of hotel’s appointed wedding planner will be looking after your queries if you have them. Chances of them coming to you for questions and asking about your preferences are very less. This is in contrast to the professional wedding planners, who gets everything done as per your wishes. They act on your behalf and do everything as you would do them. It is basically the difference between hiring someone to get things done your way or hiring the services of providers.

End to End Planning

The planning of wedding and the actual event is months apart. Sometimes, the gap is near to one year also. During this long gap, many things might change. The possibility of a hotel staff leaving the hotel or changing the branch are more which might cause issues to you later, as they can leave in between your ongoing preparations. Anyone new taking over the job will be repetition of work for you. 

One Point Of Contact

In some hotels, you might have to deal with different departments yourself. For example, dealing with sales department for invoicing, reservations department for hotel rooms or concierge for arrangement of luggage may be required. Professional wedding planners are a single point of contact where all the things are taken care of by them and you don’t have to worry about how things will be done. They become a part of the whole process and the wedding itself. This is very helpful specially when you are organising the wedding in a destination which is far from your place and completely unknown to you.

Multi Tasking

There are so many tasks that an in-house wedding planner wouldn’t be able to do, or will not be responsible for doing. For example, creation of the website, organising and allocating the budget, arranging for wedding invitations, helping in travel planning, loads of shopping and many more such things. All these things can only be done by a professional wedding planner for you.

All this does not mean that the in-house wedding planners are not good at their jobs. They could be useful for people who want to organise most of the events in the hotel and are ready to do some tasks themselves. But if you are looking forward to hire a wedding planner for leveraging most of the work, then services of a professional will be of better use.

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