Do’s & Don’ts for a Goa Destination Wedding

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Do’s & Don’ts for a Goa Destination Wedding

Goa is indeed famous for a relaxed environment, sandy beaches and sunny weather. A recent addition in the list is wedding. It has become a popular spot for destination weddings. This is because it offers dreamy locations with perfect backdrop for events like wedding. If you are also looking forward to organizing a Goa destination wedding, there is some useful information here. To make the wedding a successful event, there are certain things that you need to take care of. These includes some suggestions and some ‘must-follow’ list of things. It will help you in avoiding unnecessary end-moment panic and surprises as well. Below is the list of DO’s: 

Always ask for the final price

Hotels in Goa can be difficult to book. When you book them, make sure you ask for all inclusive prices which includes all taxes and facilities like breakfast, lunch, dinner and airport pick-ups and drop.

Booking rooms

When it comes to booking the rooms, you should always book less rooms than you originally forecast. As far as the experience and data is concerned, it has been observed that there will always be some families who will drop out at the end moment which would lead to reduction in at least 15 guests and around 8-10 rooms. When you book rooms in bulk, you can also ask for bulk booking discounts. Most hotels will be happy to provide the discounts when 50 or more rooms are booked.

Venue selection

Before finalising the venue, it is important to physically go and check it. Sometimes, the virtual tour of the venue, it’s photographs and videos might seem very tempting but it should be noted that all of them are created with good lighting and after clean-up. The real condition of the hall or even the beach might be a bit different. This is why it is important to check it once. Also, comparison of different venues will be very helpful to choose the best option.

Timing of wedding

The best time to get married would be at the time of sunset and after that because sunset on the beach looks really beautiful. If you are referring to an astrologer, you can ask for timing which is after sunset so that it can be done in nice surrounding.

Below is the list of Don’ts to take care of when organising a Goa destination wedding:

Guest list

In case of Goa destination wedding, the guest list has to be limited. You have to be really selective about inviting the guest otherwise it will prove to be very expensive. Not only that, finding the rooms as per number of guests can be a daunting task if the list is too long.

Paying for travel

There was a time when the organiser used to pay for the travel of the guest. But now times are changing and people have stopped paying for the travel of guests. Paying for the accommodation is a good expense in itself and people are coming out of this traditional habit which is a change for good.

Sangeet function

It is very tempting to organise the Sangeet function outdoors because you can setup beautiful surroundings there, specially in a place like Goa. But the music is allowed only till 10.30pm when the event is outdoors. Therefore, it is a good idea to organise the sangeet indoors only.

Monsoon season

Generally, it is advisable not to organize the wedding in the monsoon season. But sometimes, people are just interested in organising everything indoors so it shouldn’t be a problem if it rains outside. Also, during rainy season, you might get up to 50% off from hotels because it is off-season time. You can make use of this discount. If the hotel’s location is beachside, people can enjoy the rain from the hotel balcony itself. It depends on your preferences whether you want to avoid monsoons or make use of them.

The list of things that should be thought about can be really long for organizing Goa destination wedding, but these were some basic ideas which should be taken care of in order to make sure that the wedding goes smoothly.

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