Top 5 Wedding Venues in Mumbai

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Top 5 Wedding Venues in Mumbai

Finding space in Mumbai is a tedious task, may it be for a living or for an event. If you are in need of wedding planning and looking for suggestions about venues in Mumbai, then you have come to the right place. The list of hotels below is a collection of Luxury Hotels for Indian Weddings. It is helpful for even those people who are new to Mumbai and want to organize a destination wedding in Mumbai.

Couples who coordinate with a wedding planner, are able to select the best suitable hotel as per their budget, requirement for space, entertainment facilities, date availability and various other factors. It is always recommended to book the hotels in advance as Mumbai is a busy city and events keep happening every other day. It is also a hub of Bollywood and media and that is why, the number of events happening in the city everyday can become uncountable.

The Lalit

The Lalit is located near the international airport which makes it a convenient location for the guests to reach and stay. This hotel has got 369 rooms which is a very decent number. The locations for events are indoors as well as outdoors. If there is any need for an urgent shopping, they also have got a shopping gallery available. Coincidentally, the message for this year that they want to spread is PureLove, making it an ideal location for an event like a wedding! Their majestic ballroom and other rooms are a great example of a royal interior.

Sahara Star

If you are serious about great entertainment in your Indian wedding, then Sahara Star is a great location. Nothing can be as near to the airport as this hotel. It is well known hotel in Mumbai because of it’s unique dome shaped architecture. The building catches the attention of every passer-by. Sahara Sapphire is a pillar-less event hall which is used for multiple purposes. It can accommodate a thousand guests and probably is the largest hall in the city. If you are looking forward to a grand wedding, this is the place to choose.

Jade Gardens

Those who are keen about South Mumbai, should go for Jade Gardens. It is located in the heart of Worli which is an amazing location. They have got 5 different halls used for wide variety of events. It has also been refurbished recently. If you want to tie the knot with your partner under the stars, then opt for Jade Sky, which is an open terrace garden and is elevated. Even those who are crazy about sea side will not be disappointed as they have the option of Jade Sea which overlooks the sea. Their ballroom is meant for exotic and royal style weddings.

Eskay Resorts

Finding green spaces for organizing a destination wedding could be a very hard task, specially in Mumbai city. Whenever people think of finding greenery in Mumbai, there are a very few locations they could go to. They host destination weddings, engagement parties and have spaces for other small functions like Mehandi and cocktail parties as well. There are four different halls and one amphitheatre. The most popular one among them is the Orchid Blossom banquet which has a seating capacity of 300 people and floating capacity of 500 people.


This chain of hotels is present world-wide. Owned by Accor hotels group, this is a well-known location for weddings in the whole world. In Mumbai, this hotel is located at Juhu beach. For tourists, this is the first place to go when they reach Mumbai. This property has beach views as it is located right on the beach itself. They have nine types of rooms and each one has a different purpose and capacity. For weddings, Champagne Ballroom is suitable which can accommodate 200 people if used as a banquet. The number of rooms in this hotel is about 203. Even though the number is good, but still the availability should be checked well in advance. With so many options, choosing the right hotel can be a confusing task to do. For that purpose, a wedding planner can definitely help as they know of all parameters required for selecting the best hotel for a destination wedding.

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