Cost of Planning a Wedding in Goa

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Cost of Planning a Wedding in Goa

People are getting away with the traditional way of getting married- instead of booking a banquet or farm in the city, they want to make the whole experience more enjoyable and memorable for everyone. This is the reason why the destination weddings are getting increasingly popular and when it comes to destinations, Goa is the first place in the mind. The name itself has a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment which makes it most preferred location for destination wedding. Be it be a beach side location or lush greenery, Goa has got it all. 

For wedding planning in Goa, first thing to consider is the cost which is a major factor which concerns every wedding planner who wants to organise a destination wedding. Couples and their families look for a rough estimate of the overall cost of organising the Indian wedding. One important thing to note here is that north part of Goa has lot of tourist all through the year, and it is more crowded. There are resorts and locations, but they are mostly occupied and possess that touristy feel. Whereas South Goa has perfect locations for weddings. Serene and clean beaches, less number of people and luxury resorts. The idea of a perfect wedding matches more suitably with South Goa. You can also find private beaches in that part. Lot of people are also opting for private weddings in small areas like beach shacks. This all seems very dreamy, but it is completely practical and implementable in Goa. 

Below is the rough estimate of the cost of organising an Indian weddings in Goa. The cost below is based on assumption that the wedding will have 100 guests. The accommodation considered is that of standard of a 5 star hotel. Based on assumptions, the cost is an approximation. Actual costs may will vary, depending upon number of factors like season, quality of items etc.


The cost of accommodation will be calculated based on 50 rooms considering double occupancy of each room. The amount of stay will be at least 2 nights and 3 days. The meals for 2 days will most probably be included. Following events are expected to happen in the following order:
a)The guests will reach the destination. Then they would take at least a couple of hours after lunch to get ready for the evening events like Mehandi, Sangeet or cocktail party. b)On second day, guests would get up, have their breakfast and get ready for the main event of the wedding in the evening. c)On last day, people are expected to get up late and check out afterwards.

Considering that cost per person for these 3 days will come out to be approximately Rs.12000 to Rs.20,000. This will bring out the cost to be from INR 12 Lakh to INR 20 Lakh. In addition to these prices, the hotels will also charge the venue fee which is somewhere between Rs.75,000 to Rs.3,00,000.


The cost of décor will vary between 3 to 7 lakh. This generally includes everything- lighting, table arrangements, flowers, the whole look and feel etc. The cost will vary depending on the scale of the décor.


It is always a nice gesture to have guests picked up / dropped to and from the Wedding Venue. You can arrange for Innova Pick ups for a family or traveller/bus pick ups for groups. Travel is expensive in Goa with an Innova costing about 2000 rs and travellers/buses costing about 10,000 – 20,000. 


There are various options for a baraat procession in Goa. People usually opt for vintage car or a horse carriage. Most of the properties also allow animals (horse, elephant) up until the entrance of the property. 

Make Up & Hair Stylist

Bridal make up can cost anywhere between 25,000 – 1 lakh. It is a good gesture to hire another makeup person for immediate family and friends.


It is advisable to hire an excellent photography / cinematography team to lookback at all the memories and fun that went down at the wedding. Renowned and established photographers charge anywhere between 5-10 lakh for a 2 day event covering all functions.


Some budget for the unexpected expenses should always be kept. These could include some last minute add-ons. For example, welcome or farewell gifts to guests, fireworks, cakes etc. can require you to spend some extra amount than you originally thought. For this miscellaneous category, keeping a Lakh or two should be sufficient.

Everything included, the destination wedding would cost somewhere between 30 Lakh to 50 Lakh. This excludes the cost of traveling of 100 guests. It might sound a big share, but then it is once in a lifetime event which will be memorable not just for the couple, but also for the guests and their families.

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